• Why It’s Better

    If you’re a river or watershed organization, WaterGrass is your best choice because:

  • – It comes with support – 2 hours a month from a team with over 20 years of experience in the river and watershed world. For most groups, that support is the reason they can take advantage of what a powerful online Client-Relationship Management system offers.
  • – In our survey of Databases for River and Watershed Groups, it regularly ranks at the top.
  • – It’s built for your whole organization – your organizers and program staff as well as your fundraisers.
  • – You’re using the same database as 40+ other river and watershed organizations – you’re not alone with an absolutely custom product that requires you to hire consultants to upgrade it.
  • – WaterGrass is constantly being upgraded. Our latest as of April 2016 – automatic HUC code and watersheds for each address in the database.
  • – We’ve been around 7 years. We’ve raised our prices once.
  • Talk to our clients. They’ll tell you.