• Customer Support

    We help you:

    • Import your existing data into WaterGrass.  We understand the value of historic data.  When it comes to getting data right, we’re probably pickier than you are.
    • Get started with your first tasks, such as renewals or appeal letters.  The initial WaterGrass contract includes 6 hours of training in the first months.
    • Create automatic reminders to keep your tasks on track.
    • Structure fundraising and volunteer campaigns, like an end-of-year major donor solicitation.

    We ask WaterGrass users to get in touch when you run into things you can’t figure out.  Especially at first, when you’re learning the database, we want to make it as easy as possible.

    We also offer conference calls with other WaterGrass users on new features, such as our integration with online payment systems, and techniques that other WaterGrass clients use to get results.

    If you’re a current WaterGrass user and want to log a support request, please click here.