Good Enough Data Security for Small Organizations in the Age of Mega-Hacks

Baird Straughan, March 2021 At WaterGrass we aspire NOT to work in data security.  Our client organizations are relatively small, unlikely to attract persistent hackers.  For financial transactions, we use the secure connections of much bigger players – Salesforce, Click and Pledge, iATS.  We advise clients to keep credit card numbers and other sensitive information […]

WaterGrass & UNH Paul School Partner to Extract Lessons from Fundraising and Volunteer Data

Great news! It’s been 12 years since we founded WaterGrass, and along the way we’ve gathered some 200 organization/years of anonymized data on donor and volunteer behavior. There’s surely a lot to learn in it, but we’ve been too busy developing new features to really dig as we’d like to. Now Dr. Phani Kidampi of […]

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