Are Online Volunteer Waivers Legally Valid?

Baird Straughan, April 2021 Online waivers speed up event registration, reduce paperwork, and liberate organizers so they can concentrate on the event itself and the people attending.  Nevertheless, some of our client organizations worry that if an accident occurred, courts wouldn’t respect a waiver that’s not on paper.  What’s the truth? Short answer: At present, […]

Good Enough Data Security for Small Organizations in the Age of Mega-Hacks

Baird Straughan, March 2021 At WaterGrass we aspire NOT to work in data security.  Our client organizations are relatively small, unlikely to attract persistent hackers.  For financial transactions, we use the secure connections of much bigger players – Salesforce, Click and Pledge, iATS.  We advise clients to keep credit card numbers and other sensitive information […]

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