Join WaterGrass and experience an innovative platform that comes streamlined for small and mid-size nonprofits, with training and support so you can actually use it.


Raise Funds

  • Create and manage fundraising campaigns – online, by mail, or in person
  • Records donations, including membership and in-kind
  • Integrate with online payment processors
  • Analyze your results and trends
  • Automatically alert staff about fundraising progress

Engage Volunteers

  • Automatic web signup pages for volunteer events
  • Legally binding waivers
  • Easily track volunteer hours and volunteer awards
  • Let volunteers self-report projects and time, register for and cancel participation in their own volunteer portal
  • Track the conversion of volunteers to donors!
  • In beta: Web signup pages for volunteer events with shifts, including waitlists

Build Relationships with Supporters

  • Tracks contact information and contact preferences
  • Provides detailed location information including maps and watershed locations for street address
  • Summary donor history at a glance
  • Tracks emails
  • Manages duplicates

Run Events

  • Provides a web signup for participants
  • Provides an android app for signing participants into the event
  • Tracks participant status (attended, no show, etc.)
  • Processes participation details efficiently
  • Integrates with online systems for selling tickets, assigning seating, and more.

Work with your team to manage your volunteers, donors, members and event participants all in one place. 

With so many systems in one, and 9 user licenses you can get your whole team into the database and track your supporters in a wholistic way.

Protect your data integrity.

Sloppy data input and duplicates can render a database useless. Not only can they make your data unreliable, but they can also build roadblocks between you and your supporters causing missed fundraising and volunteer opportunities. We’ve seen it happen.

Our data entry routine obligates users to search for existing contacts before adding contributions to the database, preventing duplicates and adding consistency to data entry. Duplicate reports, and coding built right into the system let you know when you need to check your data health and our webinars and support give you the tools to keep your staff well-trained.

Capture more data with less effort.

The WaterGrass Participant SignIn app lets you sign in participants at events, note their interests, write a customized thank you email, and tag them as likely leaders. The app even lets you know if they are donors or not. Your thank you email goes out immediately while you’re still top of mind.

WaterGrass is available in a mobile format for iOS and Android. Call up the latest details of a donation or a grant right from your phone from anywhere you have a mobile connection, and even where you don’t. Data can be stored on your device for later syncing with the database.

Try it out!

If you think you may be interested, request a trial. We’ll tell you if we think WaterGrass isn’t a good fit and we’ll be glad to recommend alternatives. Contact us for a Trial