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“Having our members, donors, and volunteers all managed in one database is hugely important to us. WaterGrass allows us to track engagement better than ever before.” 

Barbara Budd, Volunteer and Education Coordinator, Superior Hiking Trail Association



“Everything about the transition from our old system to WaterGrass has been really positive and almost seamless. From the data migration that Carl did last spring, everything came over and was where it needed to be. That was one of my concerns going into this process but Carl’s attention to detail and asking the right questions when he did the data migration made the process go very smoothly.”

Katie Pomeroy, Membership Manager, Friends of the Rappahannock



“...most of the time, when you work with consultants, you get less than you thought you would. Working with you, we’ve received more support than we thought we would. I’m a tight wad when it comes to what we pay for. This contract has been worth every penny.

Michelle Wheeler, Superior Rivers